Robin (robin777) wrote in in_english,

Solicitor vs Barrister

I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference between the solicitor and the barrister. What I could find out confused me.
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*Rolls up legal sleeves*

It's quite different.

A solicitor is limited by the law society to the amount of court work he does, but a barrister's job is JUST that, to represent a client in court. However, a barrister's CLIENT is the solicitor that "briefs" him (e.g. gives him the case) NOT the member of the public, hence a member of the public can never sue a barrister for bad representation.

A solicitors and barristers training is also different.

if you need anything more specific let me know
Oooh interesting. Ta for that, I had no clue myself.
Thank you so much for explaining that. I am not longer confused.