Stark Raving Sane! (sesptwd) wrote in in_english,
Stark Raving Sane!


Where might Hermione go to school? What I mean is, where would her family say, to their Muggle friends, that she goes to school?
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Good question *g* I've wondered about this myself, but I'd guess that they'd say she's in a private school. With her parents being dentists, they're going to be well off so I don't think it'd raise any eyebrows if they sent her off to a private boarding school. There are enough of them around for no one to be any the wiser if they just made a name up or picked one at random.

I wonder if the Ministry provide support for this, for example if they provide the name of a fictitious school for muggle familes to use, maybe provide mail forwarding for relatives that want to write to the child. They might need to do the odd memory modification for people who are too pushy for information on where the child is.

I also can't help wondering how the British government fits into all this. I mean it's a legal requirement for a child's birth to be registered and then to send them to school (or provide carefully monitored home schooling). The Ministry must have a hand in this or Social Services would be all over wizarding families like a rash. It really opens up a whole slew of questions doesn't it? *g*
gah YES. I've tried not to think about it, coz it drives me bonkers! I suggest.

I don't think home schooling is all that closely monitored here, actually, and apparently if you never send your child to school in the first place things are much easier than if you send them and then pull them out.
hmm. thanks for the suggestion.