Stark Raving Sane! (sesptwd) wrote in in_english,
Stark Raving Sane!

I scream, you scream...

In Britain, do you all have ice cream men, who drive around in trucks selling ice cream? And do they wear all white? Well, they don't wear all white here, but it's the cliché image. (they did once upon a time, you see).

I ask because I have a character dress in all white, who wants to say "I look like a Muggle ice cream man." But I wasn't sure if that was fitting to the area.

If the all white = ice cream man is not a 'thing' over there, please to be offering other suggestions. Milk man perhaps? LOL
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We do have ice-cream men, and they do usually wear all white, although I don't think that is the first thing that would come to mind about them -- the style of the van, and the music it plays, say "ice-cream man" more clearly than the clothes... Mind you if you carry around a load of ice cream that'll help ;-)

Milkman maybe not ideal because they often wear blue rather than white (although, again, a crate of milk will help...) How about a chef?
you see, (at least in my area) that's a saying. If you see someone in all white, you might tease them saying "who are you, the ice cream man". Even though our ice cream men just wear regular clothes.

Aha, right, we definitely don't have that sort of level of identification... For one thing, you only see him from the waist up when he's in his van, so his trousers could be any colour (or maybe he's not wearing any! horrors! ;-)
As above, yes to cie-cream vans and anooying jingles that they play but no to the white outfit. Some wear white some don't.

Chefs wear white and dentists usually too.