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Introductions, energon goodie and questions

Hello all!

I'm a published writer (small press, so far) based in the USA, looking to expand my knowledge and understanding of the language. Also, I have a very good knowledge of standard English as well as working knowledge of regional dialects from the east coast of America (such as the various New York accents, Boston accents, etc). Currently I'm looking for a little help with something specific.

But first, a peace offering:

At current time, the BBC has an open call for script writers. Base information begins here in The Writer's Room, and you can dig around for specific information about the various types of submissions they are taking. At current time, they have an open call for hour-long series pitches, mini-series pitches and made-for-television movies. In addition, calls for specific types of submissions, such as children's shows, will crop up with fairly high frequency. If any of you writers have any script experience, or plan to get some in the near future, this might be of interest to you. Since this community is aimed at -fic writers, I should tell you now that most currently existing shows are NOT open for submissions, ESPECIALLY Dr. Who (I dug deep to find that out, let me tell you). But unlike the studio system here in America, you actually have a shot at getting something looked at if it's well packaged and of a high-enough quality.

This brings me to what brought me here. I'm working on a pitch for the BBC, but I've never even left my time-zone. I honestly have no idea of the specifics of what's over there. I will eventually need help with dialogue, but at the moment I'm still character building. Specifically, the character in question is designed to be a teacher. Were he America, I'd make him a 5th grade teacher, as he needs access to a lot of general information taught at a moderately high level. After the 5th grade, the curriculum gets broken down to a few teachers, and in High School (grades 9-12 usually) it's 1 teacher per subject, which creates a specialty I *think* I want to avoid. So question one is, what grade teacher in the English public school system would come closest to that?

Thanks for your time. I hope to give as good as I get here.
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